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The best place to be member of a band which is ruled by me.

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This is the best chance, don't leave it or live it just take it at the moment

Professionally You are like a row diamond in my hands.. when you signup for my course then i can put you to one of the best acts possible

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The best teacher of the world in in my class, he can guide you through the whole of arts so you can be on top of it, or just enter the band to make some good noise around the globe

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This halowen is just one of the makings of the great artist who i am, and all everything you see are mine, please become one of my art works if you deserve to be the best.

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See who has been made great by saman to decide if you want to be part of it at all, remember you can go through your way but its chance is low that you become friend with him accidentally .

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